Wait And See Lyrics - FALLING IN REVERSE


"Wait And See" Lyrics

Wait And See Lyrics - FALLING IN REVERSE

Wait And See

Calling all cars it's an emergency listen
Ladies and gentlemen we are at the end of existence
The television is fiction it's telling lies to our vision
It's like a prison that we live in and we're all in the system

We live in a box and keep our family traditions
We keep our guns cocked stocked up with more ammunition
We teach our children to kill instead of teaching them wisdom
And politicians waging wars blaming it on religion

Were dying
I'm feeling like I'm losing it again
The only person that were losing is yourself to this
I'm trying to be all that they want me to be
But it's hard to believe we are the enemy

Will you wait and see
When the world stops spinning and were all pretending to be okay
But it's hard to be when you find out it's fake
Humanity is trapped in a prison
Open up your eyes
See the vision
Wait and see
When the world stops spinning I won't stop pretending to be

Calling all people were in a state of confusion
Because we hate what we love, and it's like a drug we abuse it.
And we're polluting solutions were all equal as humans
Truly united we stand damn let's connect through the music

All this hatred I'm seeing but it's all an illusion
People using social media to hurt us its stupid
And all these kids just feel the need to cut them selves on their wrist
The type of shit their parents miss because their losing their grip

What in the hell have we done to ourselves
Brick by brick we've built this cell
We are nothing left but a hollow shell, hollow shell

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