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Intro: Stroke Of Genius Lyrics

WALE - Intro: Stroke Of Genius Lyrics

Intro: Stroke Of Genius

The envy of my biggest haters
It's not the type of situation that a nigga painting
I swear the dirty bitches scheming, they be on them capers
Niggas dying from dippers, pistols, and fornication
This is, the capital of the universe
Where dreaming of bigger wheels is pursuing a newer hearse
Now how was that for your consolation prize?
Can't address my vision, you caught up with naked eye
It's Basiquiat without a brush
Vodka in a toliet cup
Painting dog colors cause my marijuana loud enough
Other artist that's working is never working this hard
It's sort of a cross between Nicki and Ernie Barnes
Sugar shacking with shorties wetting up all their pearlies
It's not a sleeve baby girl it's an allegory
And in any category, I'm very established
Got women of all colors my home is a palette
Superior talent, Women give me my balance
In Ocho Rios me and shawty, we smoke out a chalice
Rastafar right, Nigga about to scar ya
And take a life, I'm painting potassium chloride
Expect the truth, When I come through you niggas all slight
And you got no pool like you rolling up your cigars type
I live by the code "Fuck hoes", make it look easy
She said she need me in her walls, I give her graffiti
A jay of that diesel, My portrait been lethal
Straight off the easel, I proceed to do this for the people
Straight off the ?, Still undefeated
I'm painting masterpieces
Ralph, A stroke of genius

With this paint, I can tell this story
You can break it down for me
So with the paint, I can tell this story
With this brush
Now with this brush, I'm a paint this story
Now tell them with this brush, I'm a paint your story
Now tell them with this brush, Let me paint the story
Lord, Let me paint this
Now with this brush I'm a paint the story
No fake shit for me

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