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Ludaversal (Intro) Lyrics

LUDACRIS - Ludaversal (Intro) Lyrics

Ludaversal (Intro)

Mic check, 1 2
I'm just going to get right to it

Ain't nobody fuckin' with me when it come to getting lyrical
Murdering the rapper and killing beats nigga!
I'm cinematic making everybody panic
I be bustin' like a fully automatic feel the heat nigga!
We can battle in the Phantom in Atlanta the rover in Minnesota or the Arizona streets nigga
They sayin' all these offensive lines I snapback it's the quarterback sneak nigga!
One time for the sneak dissers Ol' puss ass fuckboys say my name!
Anybody coming at me know I never back down killing a rapper is my claim to fame!
You lame
And my flow is what expose in these hoes even on a nigga worst day
They say Luda don't want it no mo'
No nigger I'm as hungry as the first day
What you want how you want it you can get I'm the definition of a real g from the south side
The crime scene be the studio get the yellow tape and the chalk and I'm leaving everybody outline
I'm all about mine
Getting paid getting laid getting clothes getting hoes getting green back
Used be like everybody is a lil kid now Big Boy, outcast like three stacks
Laying all it in the Cadillac with a red bone giving me dome my music on with the seats back
Ludacris this is album number 8 and my pockets gonna be straight
Even if a nigga leak that
Timmy all up on the David Banner track with Janet Jack in the back like "Damn Luda freak that!"
Break it down like you dropping to the ground but we like the 808 in Atlanta so bring the beat back
Sample had to eat that
Couldn't control all of the leader
But put any other rapper on the track and I guarantee they'll never know how to treat that
I'm a boss I'm a king I'm a legend Imma drill it in your head till you dose off
And I just so happen to be the type of rapper that make your women want to take her clothes off
So let's get to the action
Let's get to the show
I'm been getting to the Forbes list six year straight let's get to the do'
Shout out to the Luda Nation
All my fans just got live
And they waitin' for everybody to put me in the rapper category of ya top five

Let me get it back

Ever since I
Came in the game it ain't never been the same
Can't nobody do it like me
Is it ever gonna be another Luda you know that'll never happen that's highly unlikely
Knowing that I'm better than everybody you put me up against I'm in the hall of fame
So fuck call to call we can go bar for bar I'll put your name up on the wall of shame
And everyday is the same thing
Looking for another way for me to make paper
I think it's time for every single rapper to go to church
Whoever is my opponent you better pray first
They like "Luda why you rapping so fast?"
I'm like "Bitch why you listen too slow?"
I'm the truth in the booth and they can't keep up hardly cause I always hit em with a new flow
And the two door with the coup low with the Hublot off the window with the two low blades 
from the top like judo listening to bruno on the way to school though getting kudos from a few hoes and they from the choose though
Cuz I'm numero uno and the crew know it's a couple loop holes when it come to fluke hoes cuz some of they pussy bite like kujo
But back to the you know who
I can't stop till you tell me I'm the greatest
If you need a reminder then put the whole song on repeat and continue to play this
Better turn your stereo louder
Listen up and let me preach
And let's get arrested for disturbing the peace

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